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Harvest the results with our new Precision Solutions!

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Our Precision Agronomists provide intensive crop scouting and fertility planning services

Agriculture is all about people and we like to think we have some of the best in the business

Farmers Edge Laboratories provides service and expertise in soil analysis second to none

Precision composite soil sampling provides accurate soil nutrient information

Reliable tech support is essential for a successful VR program, especially when the season starts

Variable Rate Technology

Farmers Edge uses the latest technology to identify and map field variability to optimize crop inputs.  Read more...

Composite Soil Sampling

Nutrient planning requires accurate soil testing by trained technicians with proper equipment.  Read more...

Field Agronomy

Intensive crop scouting can identify weed, insect and disease problems before they create major yield loss. Read more...

Geospatial Yield Mapping

Farmers Edge can provide in-depth analysis of cropping decisions to assist next year's crop input decisions.  Read more...

Tech Services

Monitors, rate controllers, GPS units and accurate data are required for VRT and our people make it work. Read more...

Topography Mapping

Using RTK GPS systems creates a map with sub-inch accuracy for understanding of field variability and drainage. Read more...

Soil Analysis

Farmers Edge staffs the best technicians to provide scientifically sound, accurate soil analysis results. Read more...

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