When you believe your land can be more productive, more efficient and sustainable for the long-term then you’re ready for Farmers EdgeTM.

Employing internationally proven and industry-leading Variable Rate Technology, our precision agronomy and personalized support optimizes inputs and resources where they count most. Sound data specific to your land provides confidence that every acre is being maximized.

Farmers Edge
TM aligns productivity and profitability with results because we know it’s about more than your land. It’s your legacy.



Bridging the gap between
agriculture and technology

Farmers EdgeTM  began as the vision of agronomists Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon. While working in Pilot Mound, MB they believed that technology could help growers become more efficient.

Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon - Farmers Edge
Inspired by the possibilities of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) their small idea in 2005 has grown considerably backed by the support of real results. Farmers EdgeTM has over 250 employees and offers precision agriculture and independent data management solutions to producers across Canada, United States, South America, Russia and Australia.

Farmers EdgeTM has an unrelenting passion to ensure success for our customers.
And this passion has yielded notable business results:

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