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At Farmers Edge, we’re dedicated to developing the best platforms to increase production and help you grow more with less. We give you everything you need to get value from farm data, manage risks and maximize farm profitability.

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Smart VR

Get zone soil sampling, unbiased variable rate fertility prescriptions and manage data across your whole farm from one platform.

Smart Nutrient

Get composite soil sampling, flat-rate fertility prescriptions and manage data across your whole farm from one platform.


Manage data across your whole farm from one platform.

Smart Insite

Get weather data from your fields and monitor crops with daily satellite imagery.

Smart Imagery

Monitor crops with daily satellite imagery.


Your all-in-one farm-management platform.

Daily Satellite Imagery

Only available from Farmers Edge.

On-Farm Weather Stations

Weather data directly from your fields.

Industry-leading Variable Rate Technology

Optimize inputs on every acre.

Soil Sampling + Unlimited VR Prescriptions

Only $3.00/acre


“Farmers Edge not only provided information on better practices but also validated some of the things I was already doing. I used their new nitrogen monitoring tool this past year and it’s the first nitrogen tool I’ve tried that actually works. They nailed the recommendations and daily updates told me exactly when and where to apply it.”

Mike Williams

“New imagery from Farmers Edge is a really cool tool. I like it a lot. The frequency gives me peace-of-mind knowing what’s going on in my fields. The sooner you can see issues, the easier it is to deal with. Whether it’s a lack of fertility, pests or disease, you can monitor your fields and any developing issues before it’s too late.”

Wally Orr

“With FarmCommand, I get a bird’s eye view of my farm every day. The satellite imagery got really good this year – better quality and more frequent. I’m getting good value with the VR program. We’re putting fertilizer where it’s needed”

Randy Uhrmacher

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