Free Digital Tools to 
 Power Your Operation 

Exclusive Offer Valued at $70,000

 Free Digital Tools to 
 Power Your Operation 

Exclusive Offer Valued at $70,000

Considering buying a new sprayer?

No time like the present with this unique offer from Farmers Edge and Croplands. All Croplands customers who purchase a RoGator will get exclusive, free access to a suite of Farmers Edge hardware and tools. Croplands offers unmatched equipment reliability and service; that combined with the most comprehensive digital solution from Farmers Edge to capture paddock-level data, you have everything you need to power your farm.


CanPlug™ – telematics device to collect and transfer all spraying data

Daily satellite imagery, powered by the largest private constellation of satellites in the world

On-farm weather station for accurate current conditions

Access to FarmCommand™ –all-in-one farm management platform

Paddock-centric forecasts, powered by IBM’s The Weather Company, the world’s most accurate forecaster

In-Cab Tool for real-time data visualization

Unique map layers and automatic crop health change detection

Predictive growth stage models for improved application timing

Unlimited in-season variable rate spraying prescriptions

Technical and agronomic support

Farmer must purchase a Croplands RoGator self-propelled sprayer by May 1, 2020 to qualify. Farmers Edge services will cover an area of up to 5000 ha per year over two years. If a grower wishes to nominate more than 5000 ha’s of Farmers Edge services, these can be purchased directly from Farmers Edge at exclusive partnership rates.

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