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Advanced Scouting App

The innovative app eScout provides agricultural professionals with an advanced platform equipped with tools to monitor and address paddock conditions, create real-time reports and provide users with high-quality scouting information. eScout has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Designed to be a simple, one stop solution, eScout helps you operate more efficiently and easily manage your team.



Manage your entire scouting team from one platform


Provide growers with customized paddock specific scouting reports that can be downloaded instantly


Strengthen your business with additional agronomic support services


Manage workflow and increase the efficiency of your scouting team


Custom logo upload puts your business at the top of every report


Share the app with your team and manage user privileges with client, advisor and administrator access levels


ID Keys & Pick Lists

Access a comprehensive database of weeds, insects, disorders and diseases with high-quality pictures, pest background, life cycle and threshold information or switch to pick-lists for faster identification.

GPS Enabled

Utilize GPS to navigate to potential problem areas and drop pins to record paddock conditions.

Agronomic Calculator

Use the built-in calculators to help determine and record plant stand averages and help predict corn yield from cob and stand counts.

Daily Satellite Imagery

Access easy-to-read map layers, including Crop Health and Scouting Maps, for fast problem detection to direct scouting activities.



Receive individualized training along with access to webinars and courses.


Access support quickly with a dedicated support hotline.

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