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Data Collection

We collect data from on-farm weather stations, telematics devices, satellite imagery and soil sampling. Learn more


Data from across your farm is integrated, analyzed and available in one easy-to-use platform. Learn more


From technical to agronomic, in-person to over the phone, we’re here to help you grow. Learn more


Our proven agronomic solutions help you optimize your inputs and measure your results. Learn more


Data drives decisions. Make sure it’s right.

Data collected from your farm is crucial for making better decisions. We make data collection easy by installing weather stations and telematics devices on your farm and integrating multiple data sources into one platform.

Daily Satellite Imagery

Powered by the largest private constellation of satellites.



Images delivered so often you can identify problems as they emerge.


Rapid image processing

Our Rapid Data Processing Engine ensures images are delivered within 48 hours of being taken.


Powers multi-layer maps

Imagery is processed into easy-to-read field maps for monitoring crop health and any subtle or major variations in vegetation and soil.


Health Change Maps & Notifications

For the first time in agriculture, Health Change Maps and Notifications automatically scan imagery to notify you of any developing changes in the fields so you can take corrective action before yield is impacted.

On-Farm Weather Stations

Get weather information from where it matters most, your fields.


Accurate current conditions

Our weather stations track important conditions including: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, dewpoint, rainfall and more.


Large network of stations

Access our entire network of over 4,000 weather stations around the world.


Better data, better models

Weather data from your fields powers many agronomic models within FarmCommand.


Enhanced radar & severe weather alerts

Get the big picture with enhanced radar. Always know when weather turns ugly near your fields.

Soil Moisture Probes

Included with Moisture Manager – a turn-key water-focused decision support tool.


Real-time moisture measuring

View root zone water content with multi-layer soil moisture and soil temperature measurement at 6 depths.


Area soil sampling

Comprehensive soil sampling and lab analysis for soil moisture and texture from each probe location.


Enhanced reporting & predictive modeling

Access moisture reports and recommendations from regional experts along with in-season moisture-based yield prediction.


In-field telematics and data transfer devices for every piece of equipment.


Secure data transfer

Equipment and operational data is securely transferred and stored automatically.


Multi-fleet ready

Universal CanPlugs work with virtually all makes and models of equipment.


Real-time equipment monitoring

Monitor operator efficiency and understand equipment performance on the go.


Your all-in-one farm management platform

FarmCommand integrates all your data, giving you easy access to powerful tools that support your daily operations.


Optimize your inputs, grow your profits.

We help farmers take the guesswork out of application rates.

Soil Sampling

Know your soil better than the back of your hand.


Consistent sample collection

Our trained technicians use specialized equipment to ensure consistent samples are collected from your fields.


Accurate, fast analysis

Samples are analyzed in dedicated testing labs ensuring accurate results delivered quickly.

Nutrient Management

Get the most out of the nutrients in your soil.


Composite soil sampling


Flat-rate prescriptions


Unbiased recommendations

Variable Rate Technology

Apply the right rate at the right place.


Zone or grid soil sampling


Unlimited prescriptions


Push higher yields


Reduce input waste


With many of our employees also being farmers, we know the value of reliable, trustworthy advice. That’s why we take pride in helping our growers every step of the way. Whenever you need it, we’re here to help.

Tech Support

From hardware installation and maintenance to software training.

Agronomic Support

We’ll work with you and your trusted agronomic advisors.


We’ll visit your farm and ensure your equipment is VR-ready.

Advanced Decision Support Tools

Complementing your Farmers Edge Precision Digital Solution, our Advanced Decision Support Tools add additional layers of information delivering actionable insights to help you optimize crop production.

Moisture Manager

Provides real-time, accurate moisture data to help increase yield and input efficiency.

Nitrogen Manager

Provides zone and time specific nitrogen recommendations from planning to application.

Moisture Manager

Provides real-time, accurate moisture data to help increase yield and input efficiency.

FieldNET Irrigation Manager

Manage entire irrigation systems remotely with greater control, real-time information and enhanced reporting.

Nitrogen Manager

Provides zone and time specific nitrogen recommendations from planning to application.

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