Mark Devloo

“Farmers Edge was right there – within fifteen minutes we had a guy down, fix the problem for us and had us up and running in about half an hour. To have that kind of service, it’s hard to come by.”

Eldon Klippenstein

“The products that Farmers Edge has are beneficial to the farm… The data helps us to leverage both more yield and also get a higher return.”

Curtis McCannell

“I appreciate Farmers Edge being an independent company. I can trust their advice for what they’re recommending for my fields.”

Nathan Friesen

“One of the things we like is we’re running a couple of different colors of equipment on our farm, and Farmers Edge has the ability to merge our documentation.”

Tammy Collins

“The technology is easy — even for a guy like me. When there’s a glitch or a little problem that I can’t understand, it’s fixed easily by them coming right to the field or over the phone.”