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At Farmers Edge, we are passionate about the possibilities and potential of agriculture and driven to support the sustainable advancement of agriculture worldwide. We have worked hard to become the world’s most respected leader in precision agriculture and will continue to do so with every service that we offer and every innovation that we bring to market.

New ideas. Exciting possibilities. Greater service.

Strengthen your business

By becoming a Representative, you open the door to cutting edge technology, guidance, and ongoing support from our industry leading team of agricultural specialists. At Farmers Edge, we work alongside you to support your success by enhancing the services and innovative solutions that you are able to provide to your customers. It’s time to unlock exceptional opportunity and unlimited potential for your business.

Grow with our support

At Farmers Edge, we know that relationships are the key to success. We take our relationships with our Representatives to the heart of our business. In fact, we consider our Farmers Edge Representatives an extension of ourselves. That is why we provide ongoing training in-class or online through our Farmers Edge University. We work hard to ensure you have the necessary skills to pave the way for your success.

Benefits of joining Farmers Edge

  • Farmers Edge Representatives have access to the most complete, comprehensive precision agriculture package available today at the most competitive price.
  • The enhanced services and solutions offered through Farmers Edge require no additional overhead or added costs to your business operation.
  • Farmers Edge representatives have access to our intellectually protected precision tools and independent data management solutions.
  • Farmers Edge technology is continually evolving. We never stop advancing, innovating and adding new features.
  • Farmers Edge is a strictly independent and unbiased partner.
  • We work hard to earn the trust of farmers and protect their privacy. As a Farmers Edge representative, you can be confident that your growers’ privacy and intellectual property will never be shared or compromised.

Share our passion. Grow your future.

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At this time we’re only seeking representatives from the following countries:

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