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CanScale™ is a grain cart weighing device that connects directly to FarmCommand® — an all-in-one farm management platform — to provide accurate and reliable harvest results. Powered by Bluetooth, CanScale uses total field weights to calibrate yield data for real-time field intelligence, inventory management and post-season analysis.


Professionally Installed

CanScale devices are professionally installed by precision tech specialists into grain carts. Additional boots-on-the-ground support is available when you need it.

Flexibility & Optimized Efficiency

This easy-to-use tool supports your field activities in both interactive and fully-automated environments. It passively collects data in real-time and you can interact on-the-go with any mobile device, in the office or in the cab through the universal terminal.

Data Sharing

Connect information instantly with your whole team through FarmCommand.

Harvest Data Processing

Receive enhanced yield visualization, elevation, moisture, productivity and other layers with automatic harvest data processing across a mixed-fleet.

Data Calibration

Get a true depiction of yields with data calibration and track your costs by zone or by acre for more accurate profit reporting.

Configurable Units

Customize how you view data by selecting between lbs, kgs or bushels.

Inventory Management

Access instant grain weights and create new load tickets that are added to Bins and Yards for improved inventory tracking.

Weather Proof

Durable device withstands extreme temperatures and high vibrations.

Automatic Load Detection

Automatically detects and records when grain is loaded and unloaded from the cart.


Accurately manage grain inventory and logistics

Easy record-keeping for full traceability

Eliminates guesswork and saves time

Adhere to road weight regulations

Plan for next year using exact figures

Easily share accurate yield data with trusted partners

Support decisions with access to more exclusive digital tools, including on-farm weather data, equipment data and imagery-derived map layers


Production Farm Summary 

Inventory Farm Summary 

Automatic Load TIcket

Inventory Yard Summary 

Inventory Farm Summary 

Automatic Load TIcket

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