Your path to becoming
carbon-neutral starts here.

Get the greenest carbon offsets out there from the most hard-working people on Earth – Farmers.


Harnessing the power of technology to accelerate sustainability progress.

We use advanced technological innovations, leading-edge research, connected field sensors and big data analytics to develop a comprehensive farm-specific program that marries sound agronomy with regenerative land management practices and water stewardship for high-intensity, low-impact crop production. We apply this approach to every aspect of farm management, including seed, fertilizer, water use, crop protection and equipment efficiency planning.

Our integrated set of digital tools allows for easy and effortless implementation, monitoring and management. Advanced analytics make it easy to measure progress and benchmark the improvements of farm’s yields, soil health, water management and efficiencies, proving that sustainability, productivity, and profitability come together.

Effective data management and seamless data integration create synergy among the different areas of farm management, substantially reducing environmental impact and generating high-quality carbon offsets. Our goal is not just to drive the implementation of low-input, low-emissions practices on the farm, but to ensure that these practices are truly sustainable and profitable over the long term.


Assess existing farm management practices and choose the right carbon strategy for the farming operation.

Digitize the entire farm with connected field sensors to power fluid information delivery.

All data seamlessly flows into one digital platform, FarmCommand®, creating high-quality digital environmental assets.

Data is monitored in real-time through the season to ensure the highest level of quality.

Digital environmental records are quantified for each farm and aggregated together under a single project.

An independent, accredited third-party auditor is assigned to verify digital environmental records and greenhouse gas reduction or sequestration.

Digital environmental records are entered into a Public Registry and converted into carbon offsets by serializing each tonne.

Carbon offsets are sold and ownership is transferred to the buyer. Offsets are officially retired and taken out of circulation.

We return profits back to the farm and continue monitoring practices ensuring they are sustainable, profitable and long-term.

We continue creating economic, social and environmental benefits for our customers and our customers’ customers all along the supply chain.

Real reductions.
High-quality, verified carbon offsets.
Complete transparency.

Buy the greenest carbon offsets out there and  support heroes who feed the world

Partners in achieving environmental, social and net zero carbon goals.

Smart Carbon Impact goes beyond reducing emissions and offsetting your environmental footprint. Become part of something big.

Helping farmers grow more with less

Implementing practices that regenerate our planet

Diverting needlessly applied inputs

Improving soil health, biodiversity and ecosystems

Increased positive social impact


Offset unavoidable emissions and reap these benefits

Help the world become more carbon efficient and resilient for future generations.

Support climate protection in a meaningful way while improving your ESG scorecard.

Align with your customers’ values, strengthen bonds and grow your business. Attract and retain customers through active demonstration of your business’ commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and addressing climate change.

Manage your business in a way that protects communities, biodiversity and our planet. Show your commitment to the environment and share the impact with your key stakeholders.

Support the agriculture industry, economic viability of farmers and transition to a sustainable economy.

Align with your employees’ values, share your company’s commitment to the environment and make sustainability your company’s culture.

Together, we can support the heroes that feed the world.

We have the right people, innovative technology, and advanced systems to link buyers with farmers producing the highest-quality carbon offsets on the market. While our leading-edge systems are proprietary, our approaches are universal and can be adapted to field crops grown anywhere in the world. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and expand the reach of the positive impact of our technology to more communities.



No matter where you are on your sustainability journey – just getting started, want to do more or looking for the right partner to accelerate your sustainability progress – we are here to help. Complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to set up a meeting.