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We believe that every farm is unique,
thus requires a custom approach.

That’s why we developed a simple program that addresses every aspect of farm management and makes a real impact. Whether you implemented ecologically friendly practices on your farm many years ago, a few years ago or just planning to start, we have a program for you. We believe that doing things right, meeting and exceeding expectations should be rewarded one way or another. That’s why we developed a unique approach which brings together sustainability, productivity and profitability. The best part – we digitize the whole process from start to finish to make it easy, seamless and effortless. Whether you are looking to sell carbon offsets now or later, produce low-carbon grain, scale your farming operation and everything in between, we have a solution for you.
The data collected from your farm belongs to you and you decide how and when you want to use it. We are here to support.

Carbon offsets on the farm simplified


Carbon offsets are environmental records generated from your farm and converted to a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions, nitrous oxide equivalent (N2O) emissions, or both combined. Although the topic is quite complex, we made it simple.
We develop farm-specific projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase yields, efficiencies and improve soil health. Every ton of emissions reduced results in the creation of carbon offsets. These offsets are then aggregated and sold, and profits are returned to the farm.
It boils down to farm records. The more complete, accurate and verifiable records you have, the more carbon offsets you generate and sell. The more climate-friendly practices you run on your farm, the more carbon offsets you generate per acre. The more your notebook is digitized, the easier it is to participate in the program.


The first is capturing more carbon in the soil through regenerative land management practices like reduced tillage, direct seeding, crop rotation and diversification, integrating cover crops or intercropping.

The second is the implementation of nutrient management practices to optimize how crop is fertilized. It is based on 4Rs – the Right Source, the Right Rate, the Right Time and the Right Place – and it reduces nutrient losses and lowers nitrous oxide emissions.
You can implement any number of practices that make sense for your operation. The number of practices and their intensity is directly linked to the amount of carbon offsets you generate per acre.

Other sustainable and verifiable practices like efficient use of equipment, water management and smart use of crop protection don’t qualify for carbon offsets. However, they are climate-smart practices and contribute to the production of high-quality, low-carbon grain.


The number of carbon offsets generated on your farm is as unique as your farm and calculation is science-based. The following factors are taken into consideration, including your geographical location, practices you use, when and how you implemented them along with how long you have been using them.

The only way to accurately calculate carbon offsets your farm generates is to assess your current and historical practices.

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Knowledge is power. We’ll review your current and historical practices to help you understand the carbon potential of your land.

Introducing a simple program that makes sense and money.

We created a program that works for any farm of any size and delivers proven results. It brings together sustainability, productivity, efficiency and profitability, and has a positive impact on your farm and the world you feed. We strongly believe that farmers are part of the climate change solution and should be rewarded for doing things right.


  • Assess your historical and current farm management practices based on all available records.
  • Digitize your notebook and bring all records together into one platform.
  • Review your land ownership situation which is directly connected to the ownership of carbon offsets.
  • Choose the right carbon strategy for your operation.
  • Digitize the entire farm to facilitate passive data collection and transfer.
  • All data automatically flows into our digital platform FarmCommand.
  • Our solution is turnkey and includes hardware, software, data plans, installation, maintenance, training and support.
  • Add a nutrient management program to maximize carbon offsets. Our program includes soil sampling, soil analysis, unlimited prescriptions for any input, and agronomic and technical support.
  • Or integrate existing nutrient management data from any other provider.


  • All records are monitored and tracked in real-time through the season, ensuring data records are complete and quality assured.
  • In-season transparency ensures the right datasets are collected, real reductions are captured, high-quality carbon offsets are generated, and no offset is lost.
  • Your farm records are compiled and turned into digital environmental assets.
  • The assets are quantified and a field-centric reports are issued.
  • All digital environmental assets are de-identified and aggregated into one meaningful project.
  • This step dramatically lowers carbon offset verification and serialization costs.
  • An independent, accredited third-party auditor is assigned to verify records and ensure greenhouse gasses were reduced or sequestered.
  • Auditors may disqualify fields from the program, that’s why proper and diligent record keeping is so important.
  • Once audited and verified, environmental digital assets are entered into a Public Registry, where each tonne gets a serial number and that’s how carbon offsets are created and ready for sale.
  • We look for the best opportunity for the carbon offset sale on the voluntary or regulatory markets.
  • Complete the transaction and transfer ownership of carbon offsets to the Buyer.
  • After the sale is complete, these carbon offsets are forever retired and taken out of the circulation.
  • Once we receive payment from the Buyer, we return profit to the farm.
  • We retain a percentage to cover administrative and project management costs.

Mitigate climate change, increase yields, improve efficiency, enrich soil and your bank account.

Learn more by requesting a complimentary carbon assessment or get started now with a free, no-obligation trial. You’ll gain access to complimentary hardware, software and services to help you collect real-time datasets for high-quality carbon offsets that give you a superior position in the market.