smart carbon

Where sustainability, productivity and profitability
come together

High-quality carbon offsets and low carbon grain powered by the most robust on-farm digital infrastructure.

We help farmers grow more using less through smart farming practices powered by robust, real-time datasets and the most comprehensive on-farm digital infrastructure. Our solutions result in verifiable, low-carbon grain production and high-quality carbon offsets.

To us, sustainability is the sum of all the steps required to make farming a viable, profitable and positive industry now and for years to come. To our growers, this means ensuring their land becomes a legacy contributing to the overall health of their local and the global communities.

Farmers are the heroes of our story and the stewards of our shared planet.

Farmers are under pressure to grow more food using less. They face rising temperatures, a rapidly growing population and evolving nutritional needs. At Farmers Edge, we believe that the fusion of earth and technology is the simple solution to address these challenges. Our approach to climate-smart farming is unique. We focus on the marriage of sound agronomy, advanced technology and data science.


Enrich your soil and your bank account. Start generating high-quality carbon credits.


Your path to becoming carbon neutral starts here. Get access to high-quality carbon offsets.

We believe that the fusion of Earth and technology is what keeps the planet sustainable for all of us.

Delivering sustainable
farming, water and land
management practices
to capture more carbon
in the soil.

Using 4R practices to
optimize how crops are
fertilized, reduce nutrient
losses and lower nitrous
oxide emissions.

Collecting +3B data points every hour and creating new levels of connectivity across the digital agricultural ecosystem.

Combining connected field sensors, AI-driven analytics and agronomic expertise to help farmers produce more food for a growing population.

Our combination of robust digital infrastructure and extensive experience creates the most comprehensive sustainable agriculture strategy in North America.

Leading the industry in innovation, we have accelerated digital transformation on the farm, modernized farm data management systems and developed decision-support tools to sharply enhance the efficiency, sustainability, productivity and profitability of today’s farms.

15+ years of experience in sustainable agriculture

Broad expertise in the assessment and implementation of climate-smart practices, including regenerative land management and 4R approach

Robust on-farm digital infrastructure to broadly apply technical and agronomic capabilities

Integrated digital platform that brings everything together in one place

Real boots-on-the-ground to enable easy implementation at the farm-gate

Innovative soil sampling and analysis powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure

We overcome industry challenges


Field-centric data collected throughout every stage of the season ensures the highest level of accuracy


Data is monitored, measured and analyzed in real-time resulting in quality, verified credits


Environmental digital assets can be traced back to the actual acre it’s been generated from


Farm digitization creates seamless integration and facilitates fluid information delivery from soil to sale

How does it impact the world?

Substantial greenhouse gas reduction


Healthy soil, biodiversity, enhanced water and air quality


High-quality, low-carbon grains and oils


Secure, sustainable and traceable food supply


Robust, inclusive and balanced growth for all stakeholders


Increased positive social impact, improved health and well-being


Enhanced livelihoods of people across the value chain


Over the past years, we have come to understand that a sustainable food system starts with the implementation of better management practices on the farm. We’re creating new levels connectivity across the digital agricultural ecosystem to ensure secure food supply and the health of our planet.

Your net-zero carbon story starts here

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