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Working side-by-side with growers, we’ve created a unique approach to precision agriculture by combining HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, PRECISION AGRONOMY and SUPPORT into one fully-integrated and easy to use Precision Solution.

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Package Includes:


Passive data collection and transfer

  • On-Farm Weather Stations

    To understand how weather affects your crops, you need accurate and precise information directly from your fields. Working with you to determine optimal locations, we'll install one advanced weather station for every 2,500 acres that you farm. You'll have access to field-centric forecasts, real-time current conditions and 10-day forecasts all from FarmCommand.

    On-farm weather stations measure and record:

    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Dewpoint
    • Rainfall
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Solar radiation
  • CanPlug

    CanPlug is a durable and rugged device that connects directly to your equipment, regardless of brand. While it's responsible for many jobs, the CanPlug powers many FarmCommand features by tracking and transferring equipment and operational data automatically and in real time.


    • Automatic data collection
    • Wireless data transfer
    • Collects both equipment and operational data


FarmCommand — Integrated farm management platform

  • Satellite Imagery

    Satellite imagery holds a wealth of information that can be used to improve crop production. That's why Farmers Edge works with the industry leaders in satellite imaging. With our large database of historical satellite imagery along with our 5-meter in-season satellite imagery, you can easily and accurately monitor crop health throughout the entire season.

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet Management is powered by the universal CanPlug, which tracks equipment and operational data in real-time. This information provides you with a better understanding of how jobs are being completed and gives you the ability to make decisions that improve productivity and operating efficiency on the fly.

  • Performance Manager

    Performance Manager allows you to analyze and review your machine health and equipment performance.

  • Job Manager

    Job Manager allows you to schedule and record various field operations. You can also set notifications and alerts for each job you plan.

  • Tailored Alerts

    A fully customizable alert system that allows you to set weather or equipment alerts based on conditions you determine. You can select to receive either a text message (SMS) or an email alert.

  • Weather Manager

    Weather Manager is your best opportunity to outsmart Mother Nature. With precise weather data coming directly from your fields, you’ll gain insight into how weather conditions are affecting your crops. We’ve partnered with The Weather Company, an IBM business, to provide you with sophisticated forecast models that enhance Farmers Edge agronomic models. With these powerful tools, you’ll be able to make decisions that prevent yield loss and boost crop potential.


    • Location specific conditions
    • 10-Day forecast
    • Enhanced radar map
    • Public service watches and warnings
    • Tailored alerts
    • Historical weather analysis
  • Asset Manager

    Asset manager allows you to add and edit fields in FarmCommand. It also shows a summary of the farm with fields, area, crop, variety, and yield goal.

  • eScout

    eScout is an integrated scouting app that was designed for you to easily collect, communicate and advise on field conditions. Accessible anywhere and anytime, eScout provides scouting recommendation support on insects, weeds, disease and crop stage identification and management.

  • Mapping

    Combining field-level data with high-resolution satellite imagery, FarmCommand includes powerful maps that give you unparalleled insight into your fields. Whether you need access to raw data maps, As-Applied Maps, or our analyzed Precision Maps, you’ll have a clear understanding of your land.


    • As-Applied Maps
    • Precision Health Maps
    • Precision Harvest Maps
    • Precision Profit Maps
  • Data Ownership

    FarmCommand is a strictly independent farm management platform. We recognize that the data belongs to the grower and should be treated with the utmost care for security and protection.

Precision Agronomy

Data-driven decisions with impact

  • Zone Mapping

    Being precise is what sets us apart. We review our industry-leading satellite imagery and work with you to define field borders and identify natural and man-made field variability.

  • Ground-Truthing

    After working closely with you to develop a production zone map for each field, we put boots on the ground to investigate and ensure zone accuracy.

  • Soil Sampling & Lab Analysis

    Soil Sampling offers accurate results with a low cost of investment. During the first year, we soil sample your entire farm. In subsequent years we sample specific areas equaling 33% of your farm. Through data analysis, we generate a complete and accurate virtual sampling of your farm.

  • Prescription Maps

    After your soil samples have been analyzed, a team of precision agronomists, GIS/remote sensing technicians, technology and equipment specialists work together to prepare prescription maps specific to each field of your farm.

  • FieldReady

    We take a proactive approach to ensuring your prescription maps are applied accurately. With FieldReady, we send Farmers Edge precision technology specialists to review your equipment. We ensure the prescription maps are loaded and the rates are read correctly.

  • Profit Analysis

    We analyze yield data in a whole new way to measure your crop performance. We compare production zones based on application rates, costs, and crop yield. The result is a concise and accurate summary of your gross return – information you need to make future decisions.


Behind you every acre of the way

  • Agronomic Support

    When you decide to grow with Farmers Edge, you’re partnering with a dedicated team of experts in a range of fields. From data scientists to GIS experts to experienced agronomists, everyone at Farmers Edge is dedicated to helping you succeed.

  • Tech Support

    When it comes to hardware installation, our trained Precision Technology Specialists take care of everything. We’ll set up our on-farm weather stations in specific locations on your farm and install CanPlug devices in all of your equipment. Prior to field-operations, we visit your farm to ensure your equipment is properly set up to accurately apply prescriptions.

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