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    Growing a greener future.

    One seed at a time, we can grow a greener future together. We’ve created a Grow More Green Community Project to educate the next generation on smart farming and the role it plays in creating a sustainable future.

    This project incorporates a series of events and initiatives for students to connect and learn from farmers, agricultural professionals and industry experts. We’ll be working directly with educators and students of all ages across middle schools, secondary institutions, colleges, universities and other community organizations to develop custom programs aimed at establishing deeper connections to the agricultural industry and greater awareness about the heroes that are feeding the world.

    How to get engaged.

    Grow More Green School Challenge

    In support of Earth Day, we’re challenging students to showcase their commitment to sustainability and growing green. We are distributing FREE Seed Kits to schools and children’s community groups to plant the seeds of our future. Each kit includes seeds that students can nurture and watch bloom into wildflowers and grasses.

    Groups who participate will receive a Grow More Green sustainability certificate.

    You can place orders for seed kits here.

    Green Farmer Sessions

    Sometimes, the best way to learn is to ask for yourself! We’ll arrange for farmers and agricultural professionals to deliver educational sessions to students giving them a chance to ask questions and hear about technology being used on the farm first-hand. To book a session, email Info@FarmersEdge.ca.

    green career workshops

    AgTech is an ever-changing industry demanding skilled talent across all disciplines. From software to business to agronomy, the industry is booming with opportunities for students to enter the workforce and be a part of positive change. We’ll be hosting career workshops to highlight the jobs that are helping farmers grow more green and build a sustainable future.  To book a workshop, email Info@FarmersEdge.ca.

    Green is more than a status; It’s a lifestyle.