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Together, we can support the heroes who feed the world and work towards a greener future.

Each day, farmers work hard to feed the world while the world sleeps. They lead without fear and have the heart to make something out of nothing. They’re not just growing a farm, they’re growing a legacy – one that supports families, communities and the future of our planet. Their continuous commitment to sustainable crop production is advancing agriculture and creating a better, greener world for generations to come.

We’re standing together in support of farmers. We want to showcase everything farmers have done and are doing to farm smart, operate sustainably and grow more for the world.

The beginning of something big.

Watch Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge CEO and founder, talk about our campaign mission and how we support farmers across the world.
Plus, watch as Wade sits down with Tony Chapman on Chatter That Matters to talk about smart farming and its impact on global sustainability. Watch Here.

Every farmer has a smart farming story.

Trevor Scherman

The more stories we share, the stronger connections we can make! We’ll be featuring our growers to showcase their commitments to sustainability. Our first Green Grower Profile is our customer from Saskatchewan, Canada. Alongside his business partner and wife, Michelle, Trevor Scherman oversees a 6600-acre farm that has been in his family for generations. Read how Trevor is leveraging smart farming to make more profitable decisions and support the future growth of his operation.

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Growing a greener future.

One seed at a time, we can grow a greener future together. We’ve created a Grow More Green Community Project to educate the next generation on smart farming and the role it plays in creating a sustainable future.

This project incorporates a series of events and initiatives for students to connect and learn from farmers, agricultural professionals and industry experts. We’ll be working directly with educators and students of all ages across middle schools, secondary institutions, colleges, universities and other community organizations to develop custom programs aimed at establishing deeper connections to the agricultural industry and greater awareness about the heroes that are feeding the world. Explore the links below to see how to get your students engaged.

Grow More Green School Challenge

Green Farmer Sessions

Green Career Workshops

Stay tuned, there’s more to come! We have a line-up of exciting educational events and opportunities featuring farmers and agricultural professionals who are making changes to support global sustainability.

Join us now to #SupportSmartFarming

Join us now to #SupportSmartFarming

At Farmers Edge™, we see more than dirt. We see the foundation for growing the legacy of farming. We see the path for feeding the world’s rapidly growing population. We see a new revolution of sustainable crop production that means working smarter ꟷ not harder and growing more with less. We see the vision for sustainability.

Most of all, we see farmers and everything they’re doing to grow food for the world.


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