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    Nebraska, USA




    Imagery, Treatment Polygons, Harvest Maps

    Using Satellite Imagery to Identify Irrigation Issues

    This grower had several plugged irrigation nozzles but the issue was not discovered until harvest, causing devastating impacts on yield. Farmers Edge unique map layers, powered by high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery, detected the problem early in the season and could have minimized the damage had the grower noticed the issue earlier. With Farmers Edge, growers can schedule notifications to be informed of crop health changes taking place across their fields, avoiding the chance of missing the issue in the season ahead.

    To help the grower understand how much he could have saved had he noticed the issue earlier, treatment polygons were drawn to determine the differences in yield across the field.

    Economic Impact

    What if the grower saw the issue earlier in the season and repaired the nozzles?

    FarmCommand makes it easy to measure differences in yield across a field. Using treatment polygons, the grower compared his average yield to the yield within the areas of the field that were impacted by irrigation issues. With this information, the grower gained an accurate understanding of his profitability potential had he utilized satellite imagery earlier in the season.

    Difference in Yield

    87 bu/ac

    Price for Corn


    Missed Revenue Opportunity


    Using imagery to its full potential, this grower would have experienced an 87bu/acre yield potential and a $400/acre return.

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