Advanced Nitrogen Management Decision Support Tool
– Available at no cost for the 2019 growing season

Accurate Nitrogen Recommendations Specific to Your Fields

N-Manager is an Advanced Decision Support Tool designed to simplify nitrogen management and optimize applications to help you reach targeted yield goals. Featuring daily and on-demand status updates, N-Managers provides a simple and automated way to determine precisely the right amount of nitrogen to apply at the right time in each zone or field to maximize effectiveness and minimize risk. Intensively calibrated and driven by more field-centric variables than any other tool on the market, including: soil, weather and crop management data,
N-Manager ensures accurate recommendation values and timing from planning to application.



Powered by field-centric data, including: weather, soil, hybrid, management practices and fertilizer history


Shows zone, field and time specific nitrogen recommendations


Updates daily automatically or on-demand


Provides 7-day predicted N requirements


Integrated with exclusive FarmCommand™ tools


Shows pre-populated recommendations that can be easily approved or edited


Lower operating and input costs while maximizing yield

Manage crop requirements, inventory requirements and schedule field operations from anywhere

Ensures top-up products are applied at the right time to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the risk of crop damage

Helps optimize nitrogen applications to improve sustainability and profitability

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