Precision Solutions

Working side-by-side with growers, we’ve created a unique approach to precision agriculture by combining hardware, software and agronomy. Precision Solutions is a set of extensive and fully-integrated solutions that help you easily improve your farm’s sustainability, efficiency and productivity.

Smart Solution


Field-Centric Data Management & Analysis

Precise data leads to informed decisions. With Smart Solution, we approach data on a field-by-field, zone-by-zone basis throughout the entire season. From collection to transfer to management to analysis, we do the heavy lifting, turning the right data into information you can actually use.

Data Collection

With Smart Solution you’ll have access to the industry’s best technology, hardware and historical data. Our precision technology specialists will visit your farm to get you up and running, and best of all, none of our equipment costs extra.

  • On-Farm Weather Stations

    To understand how weather affects your crops, you need accurate and precise information directly from your fields. Working with you to determine optimal locations, we'll install one advanced weather station for every 2,500 acres that you farm. You'll have access to field-centric forecasts, real-time current conditions and 10-day forecasts all from FarmCommand.

    On-farm weather stations measure and record:

    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Dewpoint
    • Rainfall
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Solar radiation
  • CanPlug

    CanPlug is a durable and rugged device that connects directly to your equipment, regardless of brand. While it's responsible for many jobs, this powerful piece of hardware makes many of the FarmCommand features possible by tracking and transferring equipment and operational data automatically and in real time.


    • Automatic data collection
    • Wireless data transfer
    • Collects both equipment and operational data
  • Satellite Imagery

    Satellite imagery holds a wealth of information that can be used to improve crop production. That's why Farmers Edge works with the industry leaders in satellite imaging. We have a large database of historical satellite imagery and our 5-meter in-season satellite imagery allows you to accurately monitor crop growth throughout the season.


FarmCommand is a fully integrated farm management platform that gives you access to your data as well as powerful tools that help you make informed decisions. Available on your desktop computer or mobile device, FarmCommand is ready when you are, wherever that may be.

  • Real-Time Fleet Management

    Real-time Fleet Management is powered by the universal CanPlug, which tracks equipment and operational data in real time. This enables you to see where your equipment is and how it is being used from the comfort of your office using your smartphone or tablet. This information provides you with a better understanding of how jobs are being completed and gives you the ability to make decisions that improve productivity and operating efficiency on the fly.


    • Track equipment in real time.
    • Receive alerts when an operator exits or enters a pre-set location.
    • Receive alerts when an operator exceeds a pre-set speed.
    • Monitor excessive idle time to lower fuel costs.
    • Track vehicle mileage to prolong the life of your fleet and reduce unexpected downtime.
  • Field-Centric Weather

    Field-Centric Weather is your best opportunity to outsmart Mother Nature. With precise weather data coming directly from your fields, you’ll gain insight into how weather conditions are affecting your crops. We’ve partnered with The Weather Company, an IBM business, to provide you with sophisticated forecast models that enhance Farmers Edge agronomic models. With these powerful tools, you’ll be able to make decisions that prevent yield loss and boost crop potential.


    • Location specific conditions
    • 10-Day forecast
    • Enhanced radar map
    • Public service watches and warnings
    • Tailored alerts
    • Historical weather analysis
  • Mobile Access

    We’ve built FarmCommand to work across many devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can log an issue from the field, make informed decisions while working and stay up-to-date while away from the office. With mobile access to FarmCommand, you’ll always have secure access to all of your farm’s data.

  • Farm Calendar

    Organization has never been so easy. Plan out your season at the farm and field level, set up events tied to particular assets and create alerts for specific individuals.

  • As-Applied Maps

    As-Applied Maps provide you with a wealth of information. Was your prescription applied accurately? Is your overlap percentage too high? Is your equipment working properly? With As-Applied Maps, you gain insights into all these areas allowing you to take corrective actions.

  • Multiple Users

    With FarmCommand, you can give access to your entire team. Easily set up users and determine who has access to what information. Schedule user-specific events and the right people will be notified. You can even provide access to your trusted agronomist or dealer representative.

  • Multi-Layer Maps

    Combining field-level data with high-resolution satellite imagery, FarmCommand includes powerful maps that give you unparalleled insight into your fields. Whether you need access to raw data maps, As-Applied maps, or our analyzed Precision Maps, you’ll have a clear understanding of your land.

  • Precision Harvest Map

    The Precision Harvest Map is not your standard yield map. Our industry-leading analysis engine automatically cleans data by removing erroneous data points, fills missing swaths due to logging and calibrates data from multiple combines. The result is a comprehensive and precise field summary of your yield.


    • Identify yield fluctuations within a field.
    • Gain insights into field area, harvested acres, total bushels, and average yield.
    Three graphics comparing harvest maps from Farmers Edge, competitor, and raw data
  • Precision Health Map

    The Precision Health Map utilizes in-season satellite imagery and field-level data to provide an accurate evaluation of the health of your crop. By sourcing and identifying any issues, before they impact your yield, you’ll be equipped to make proactive instead of reactive decisions.


    • Gain insights into long-term soil complications such as compaction, salinity and pH levels.
    • Identify short-term management issues such as seeding, spraying and fertilizers issues.
    • Optimize fungicide applications and crop protection solutions.
    • Save time while scouting.
    Graphic showing a field with areas of healthy and unhealthy vegetation also contains a chart with this data
  • Tailored Alerts

    We’ve built a fully customizable alert system into FarmCommand. Whether it’s equipment information or a weather forecast, you’ll receive either a text message (SMS) or an email alert based on conditions you determine.


Unbeatable Support

With Smart Solution you can rest assured that we’re here to help you every step of the way. We have a dedicated team of scientists, agronomists, engineers and specialists behind Smart Solution. Our mission is to help you succeed.


Carbon Offset Credits

We offer a convenient Carbon Offset Credit Program that puts money directly in farmers’ pockets. With no risk and very little paperwork, we make it easy for you to stay focused on managing the farm. Available to farmers in select regions with Smart Solution (CCP) and VRT Solution (NERP).

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Smart VR Solution


Industry-Leading Variable Rate Technology

We believe your land can be more productive, your inputs can be optimized, and your operation can be sustainable. With 10 years of research and development both on and off the field, on millions of acres across the globe, our industry-leading, patent-protected Variable Rate Technology, combined with precision agronomy and personalized support, optimizes inputs and resources where they count most — in your fields.


  • Integrated data &  precision agronomy solution
  • Soil Sampling Program
  • Whole farm, 4-year commitment
  • Zone Mapping

    Being precise is what sets us apart. We review our industry-leading satellite imagery and work with you to define field borders and identify natural and man-made field variability.

  • Ground Truthing

    After working closely with you to develop a production zone map for each field, we put boots on the ground to investigate and ensure zone accuracy.

  • Ultra Soil Sampling

    Ultra Soil Sampling offers accurate results with a low cost of investment. During the first year, we soil sample your entire farm. In subsequent years we sample specific areas equalling 33% of your farm. Through data analysis, we generate a complete and accurate virtual sampling of your farm.

  • Platinum Soil Sampling

    Platinum Soil Sampling offers you added flexibility for your specific VRT needs. With Platinum Soil Sampling, we complete full zone-based soil sampling for each of your variable rate fields.

  • Prescription Maps

    After your soil samples have been analyzed, a team of precision agronomists, GIS/remote sensing technicians, technology and equipment specialists work together to prepare prescription maps specific to each field of your farm.

  • FieldReady

    We take a proactive approach to ensuring your prescription maps are applied accurately. With FieldReady, we send Farmers Edge precision technology specialists to review your seeding, spraying and harvesting equipment thoroughly. Most importantly, we ensure everything is properly calibrated before the start of the season to prevent costly downtime.

  • As-Applied Maps

    After each application, you’ll have access to As-Applied Maps to ensure your variable rate application was accurate to the prescription.

  • Precision Profit Map

    With VRT Solution, it’s easy to measure results. We analyze yield data in a whole new way to measure your crop performance. We compare production zones based on application rates, costs, and crop yield. The result is a concise and accurate summary of your gross return – information you need to make future decisions.

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Smart Nutrient Solution


Nutrient Management Program

Our Smart Nutrient Solution will help you understand the soil that makes up your land. We conduct composite soil sampling of each field for the first year, and during the following years we sample select areas equalling 33% of your land. Through data analysis we determine the average soil composition of each field and then use this information to build your fertility prescription maps.


  • Integrated data & agronomy solution
  • Composite soil sampling
  • 4-year commitment

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