Risk Management

Drive your business with intelligent risk analytics

Better Data for
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Today’s farms are data-rich and rely heavily on real-time connectivity; the industry demands insights that are quick, precise, and measurable. Our proprietary, top-rated data science and AI platform combine world-leading field-centric data, the most connected hardware, and field sensors to provide intelligent analytics to support decision-making, minimize risk and maximize growing potential.



Smart Claim system combines the most advanced, CLU-level Change Detection Engine, powered by global, high-resolution, daily satellite imagery, with the most advanced, field-centric weather network, to automate the detection of wind, hail, fire, flood and other insurable events. This level of automation paves the way for real-time notification of claims and growth in the number of customers.

Smart Claim provides US AIPs, and Global insurance providers, with Automated Claim Prediction Reporting, Automated Claim Estimation, Adjudication for Private Products, Field Classification and Claim Adjustment Tools with full-scale integration options available.


The first vertically integrated, secure, end-to-end, cloud-enabled technology system designed to strengthen the relationship between the farmer, his agent/broker, and the insurance provider. The Data Processing Engine provides insurance companies with a comprehensive technology suite that receives and automatically processes as-applied (planting, spraying) and yield data (ISOXML and proprietary file formats) generated from all brands and types of machines, including planters, sprayers, floaters, harvesters and combines.


A secure, RESTFUL API endpoint receives all raw as-applied and yield files for integration to existing or new software applications, servers and/or other internal disparate technologies.



Automated, secure, server-based as-applied and yield data processing⃰ for acreage and production reporting.


Processes full raw data/file ETL from all global monitors/displays, including those with proprietary, binary file types and ISOXML


Pruning and automated exception handling for redundant data sets generated from monitors


Advanced data processing for as-applied and yield data on headlands, overlaps, and automated pruning for units with sectional controls and machine widths


Ability to calibrate, process, and re-process yield data and production reports based upon scale weights

⃰ Extract, Transform, Load, Normalization and File Preparation


Mapped and secure transmission back to the insurance provider for acreage and production reports.

Financial Services

Agricultural lending comes with its own set of risks – unpredictable weather patterns, variable commodity prices and more. Prompt identification of risks and appropriate management strategies to control risks are paramount to the success of every financial institution. By utilizing precision digital tools, built on an integrated farm management platform powered by billions of field-centric data points, banks can make better and more profitable ag lending decisions.



Build your loan portfolio by offering growers advanced technologies


Reduce the costs to administer your loan portfolio by automating the process of working with your farmers


Help farmers increase their profitability with advanced benchmarking and simultaneously protect your loan portfolio from market swings

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