The value of digital agriculture

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The value of digital agriculture

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Measuring Decisions to Increase ROI

In today’s digital world, data is the primary source of performance advantage yet it’s still the most under-utilized and misunderstood force in farming. If you don’t have access to it, you can’t use it. If you don’t control it, you can’t measure it, develop it over time or build a sound strategy upon it. Farmers Edge offers simplified data management that addresses all areas of crop production that leads to increased profits, optimized productivity and improved efficiency in day-to-day operations. Providing the most connected platform available – FarmCommand – Farmers Edge makes it easy to collect, visualize and understand your data so you can make informed and profitable farm management decisions.

 Explore the examples below to learn about the ROI of using various digital decision support tools from Farmers Edge.

FarmCommand: Maps

  • Spot problems and identify opportunities with a series of easy-to-read map layers
  • Evaluate the outcome of various field operations
  • Layer maps and compare them side-by-side to review the season and discover new patterns in the field

Average ROI: $3.25+/acre

Acres Tested: 6.4 MM
Growing Season: 2018

FarmCommand: Weather

  • Accurate weather forecast, powered by The Weather Company, an IBM business
  • Access to the complete Farmers Edge weather network for accurate field-to-field weather information
  • Access to Temperature Inversion Monitoring Network to assess Delta-T conditions
  • Professional installation and maintenance

Average ROI: $1.26/acre

  • Optimize inputs
  • Save time
  • Plan field operations

Acres Tested: 12.8 MM
Growing Seasons: 2016-2018

FarmCommand: Predictive Modeling


  • Optimizes nitrogen use to enhance yield and reduce product costs


  • Eliminates need to drive to each field to check stages
  • Supports timing and requirements of each field operations


  • Enhances scouting accuracy
  • Allows to identify thresholds
  • Optimizes inputs (VR vs flat-rate)

Average ROI: $7.75/acre

Acres Tested: 11.9 MM 
Growing Seasons: 2017-2018

FarmCommand: Equipment

  • Measures productivity of each operator and piece of equipment
  • Unbiased equipment benchmarks for fuel and overall performance
  • Evaluates the impact speed has on yield for each field operation
  • Supports predicting maintenance and down-time

Average ROI: $.75+/acre

Acres Tested: 12.8 MM
Growing Seasons: 2016-2018

FarmCommand: Analytics

  • Supports seed selection and crop rotation decisions
  • Helps to understand the effect planting dates and inputs have on yield

Average ROI
Minimum – $5/acre
Maximum – $120/acre

Acres Tested: 6.4 MM 
Growing Season: 2018

Moisture Manager

  • Integrated Soil Moisture Monitoring Service
  • Supports proper irrigation use
  • Identifies the value of using soil moisture probes throughout the season
  • Supports yield forecasting for marketing decisions
  • Supports fertility application planning and timing

Average ROI
Irrigation: $22.50/acre
Input Reduction: $4.80/acre
Market Capture Gain: $22/acre

Acres Tested: 171,878 K
Growing Season: 2018


  • Optimizes nitrogen use to reduce product costs
  • Enhance yields based on input requirements

Average ROI: $36.30/acre

Based on:
Average Corn Yield – 200 bu/acre
Nitrogen Savings – 10%
Yield Increase  5%

Acres Tested: 663 K
Growing Seasons: 2016-2018

Variable Rate Technology

  • Better profitability
  • Higher yields
  • Less lodging
  • More even maturity
  • Optimized input use
  • Improved harvest

Average ROI: $31.84/acre

Acres Tested with Check-strip Applied: 9.5 MM
Growing Seasons: 2014-2018

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