Satellite Imagery

Show your customers the value of daily, high-resolution imagery

Daily Satellite Imagery is Game-Changing

Until now, satellite imagery was simply not frequent enough to react to crop stress. With imagery captured daily from the largest private constellation of satellites in the world, state-of-the-art image processing technology and agronomy-based analytics, we’re able to provide timely, field-level insights from planting to harvest.

Transforming Daily Imagery into Insights


Turn Data into Powerful Maps

Imagery is processed into easy-to-read field maps for monitoring crop health and any subtle or major variations in vegetation and soil.

Quick and Easy Access

Maps are accessible in FarmCommand, our all-in-one farm management platform, within days of image capture.

Untouched Images

Each map features a true color layer to identify clouds and shadows.

Scouting Maps

Unique Scouting Maps help to detect problems early, identify pests, manage nutrient requirements and protect yield.

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