Satellite Imagery

Know what’s happening across your customers’ farms with high-resolution, high-frequency satellite imagery and automatic crop health change notifications

High-Resolution, High-Frequency
Satellite Imagery is Game-Changing

From unique map layers and rapid data processing to automatic crop health change detection and directed scouting, we offer the most robust satellite imagery toolset in the industry. Our technology transforms imagery into timely, field-level insights to help monitor crops, identify yield threats and understand the impact of environmental or operational damage.
Farmers Edge FarmCommand on Tablet, Desktop Computer & Mobile Phone

Transforming Imagery into Insights


Health Change Maps and Automatic Crop Health Change Notifications

Identifies exact areas of change and sends automatic notifications to selected users



Depict a natural progression of the in-season vegetative health of your crops


Variation Maps

Draw out finer variability and can help pinpoint areas for investigation


Scouting Maps

Illustrate the major locations of variability across a field

Farmers Edge Satellite Imagery

Raw imagery sources: USGS, European Space Agency, 

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