Seed Crop Inspection

Farmers Edge Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Services (ASCIS) strive to be the highest quality in the industry. We provide consistent service across all prairie provinces and our highly trained Precision Agronomists deliver on-time inspections for your crop type and growth stage.

Why Farmers Edge?

The Right People

We only employ professional agronomic inspectors in your field to conduct quality, non-biased inspections.

Customer Service

Our approach to customer service is partnership. We maintain good communication and build relationships with our growers in order to deliver timely inspections.

Inspector Support

We can accommodate seed crop inspections of any size with local inspectors backed by a reliable team ready to assist any time.

Consistent Reporting

By investing in additional support training for inspectors, we ensure our seed crop inspections are the highest quality on the market.

Industry Support

As a strong supporter of the Canadian Pedigreed Seed Industry, we have devoted our time and resources towards improving the industry and promoting growers’ status.

Passion and Determination

At the heart of everything we do is a deep respect and passion for agriculture. We are guided by values that are rooted in inspiring and achieving success in agriculture.

Complete Solution

We continually strive to find the right solutions delivered in the best way possible. We can add value to your operation by bringing you additional services and on-farm data solutions conveniently, affordably, whenever you require them.

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