Crop Monitoring & Digital Agronomy Solution

Monitor your crops in a whole new way

Smart Insite is a set of digital tools that enables and enhances agronomic decisions through field-centric data capture, analysis and predictive modeling. Providing a consistent view of your fields throughout the entire season, Smart Insite equips you with time-sensitive information to manage risks, increase yield and operate more efficiently.

Daily Satellite Imagery

Get access to three powerful maps built on imagery captured by the world’s largest private constellation of satellites.

Crop Health Maps

Crop Health Maps depict a natural progression of the in-season vegetative health of your crops.

Field Variability Map 1

Field Variability Map 1 illustrates the major locations of variability across a field.

Field Variability Map 2

Field Variability Map 2 draws out finer differences of the field and can help pinpoint unique areas for investigation.

Weather Stations

  • Professionally installed and maintained on-farm weather stations
  • Access the full global network of weather stations
  • Real-time conditions, enhanced radar and historical data
  • 10-day daily forecasts, 48-hour hourly forecasts and tailored alerts

Crop Modeling & Alerts

  • Crop growth stage models
  • Disease and insect forecasting
  • Yield forecasting
  • In-season nutrient management


  • Access FarmCommand Scouting – an app-based scouting tool for monitoring and addressing field conditions
  • Save time and eliminate the need for manual checks
  • Share, track and sync observations with your entire team
  • Combines GPS navigation and drop-down pests lists

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