Satellite Imagery for 
 Specialty Crops 

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 Satellite Imagery for 
 Specialty Crops 

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Monitor your Crop with Daily Satellite Imagery

With imagery captured daily from the largest private constellation of satellites in the world, state-of-the-art image processing technology and agronomy-based analytics, we provide timely, field-level insights for your specialty crops. From Almonds and blueberries, grapes to walnuts and everything in between, Farmers Edge unique map layers go beyond the industry standard to help growers detect and respond to issues before yield is impacted.

Rapid Data Processing

Our Rapid Data Processing Engine ensures imagery is delivered within 48 hours of being taken.

Untouched Imagery to View Cloud Coverage

Each map features a true color layer to identify clouds and shadows.

Unique Map Layers

Imagery is processed into a unique series of easy-to-read field maps for monitoring crop health and any subtle or major variations in vegetation and soil.

Automatic Health Change Notifications

Imagery is scanned to identify positive and negative vegetative changes in a field, producing Health Change Maps which trigger an email notification.

Case Study

Specialty Crop



Southern California, USA

Field Size

38.1 acres

Damaged Area

6.37 acres

Days Between Images


Below you can see the various map layers derived from daily satellite imagery. By using a combination these map layers and automatic crop health change detection, the grower was able to react to the dry areas in time to protect yield. As you can see, an NDVI image alone does not show detailed levels of variation in vegetation and soil; had the grower used this map on its own, the dry areas may have gone undetected.

Health Change Maps and Notifications

automatically scans imagery to notify you of any changes in the fields


depict a natural progression of the in-season vegetative health of your crops

Scouting Maps

illustrate the major locations of variability across a field

Variation Maps

draw out finer variability and can help pinpoint areas for investigation

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