Soil Sampling & Variable Rate Technology

Optimize inputs and grow more low-carbon grain with a program that’s tailored to your unique yield and profitability goals

Farmers Edge provides a premium precision fertility program to help growers optimize inputs, produce high-yielding, low-carbon grain and generate high-quality carbon offsets. Customizable and tailored to each farm’s unique goals, the program includes comprehensive soil sampling at our dedicated testing labs, unlimited variable rate prescriptions and a suite of digital tools powered by robust, field-centric datasets and machine learning. Our proven approach brings together productivity, profitability and sustainability to help growers achieve the highest ROI across their operation.

Maximize ROI with Efficient and Accurate Soil Testing

Why soil test?

Measure the available nutrients for fertilizer applications.

Assess if management practices have affected physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Diagnose nutrient deficiencies and assess soil problems.

Why is it so important to soil test regularly?

When soil test values drop below critical levels, they become difficult and costly to build back up again. Additionally, not knowing what is in the soil may cause you to over-apply inputs resulting in leaching, runoff, volatilization and decreased profitability. Accurate and timely soil testing enables you to manage this balancing act effectively.

What types of tests do I need?

Basic tests can cost exponentially more money as they cause you to make decisions with limited information. With our comprehensive testing, you’ll gain deeper insights into the complexities and composition of your soil so you can make informed, data-driven planting and application decisions.

What does VRT mean for you?

Better profitability

Higher yields

Less lodging

More even maturity

Optimized input use

Reduced input costs

Improved environmental impact

The Farmers Edge field outperformed the other field, which had more fertilizer on it in total. When that happened, we went ‘wow.’ We realized we could use our inputs more precisely to increase yields while applying less fertilizer.

Mack Warren, Saskatchewan, Canada

Why Farmers Edge Variable Rate Technology?

Higher Yields

On average, Farmers Edge growers experience a 32% increase in yields.* Yield follows the law of diminishing returns. As fertility increases, yield increases, but at a certain point, the increase in yield per unit of fertility starts to decrease, flatten out and eventually decline. We help growers find the sweet spot to boost yields and profits.

*Our solutions yielded on average 15.3 bushels per acre more than the average yields of wheat farms across Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 (according to Statistics Canada).


With an average ROI of over $31/acre, our turnkey approach goes beyond boosting yield. We equip growers with tools to visualize profitability potential, measure the cost of VR decisions and guide next year’s planning. Our Profit Maps integrate applications prescriptions, harvest data, commodity costs, products costs and check-strip data to give a true depiction of ROI.


Utilizing proprietary Virtual Soil Sampling (VST) technology, Farmers Edge provides an affordable option for soil sampling every field, every year. Know what nutrients are still available in your soil and plan for next year based on yield goals and nutrient requirements.

Comprehensive Soil Testing and Analysis

Access zone, grid or composite soil sampling methods. A minimum of 6 cores are taken per production zone and all sample locations are GPS referenced. With our own dedicated labs, all samples are sent for timely and comprehensive testing:

Zone Tests 0-6”: NO3-N, P, K, SO4-S, pH, EC, OM, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cl, Base, CEC
Zone Tests 6-24”: NO3-N, SO4-S, Cl, pH, EC
Grids 0-6”: NO3-N, PO4-P (Bray1 OR Olsen), Exch. K, SO4-S, pH, Buffer pH (if needed), EC, OM, Ca, Mg, Na, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cl

Integrated Digital Platform

All test results are automatically loaded into FarmCommand®. Third party integration and historical data upload are also available. FarmCommand makes it easy to visualize, analyze and understand data in a consistent format to support informed decision-making.

Prescription Maps & Fieldready™

Along with unlimited VR prescriptions for seeding, fertilizing, herbicide, plant growth regulators, fungicide and desiccation, growers can also access on-demand Zone Maps for in-season VR crop protection applications. Precision Technology Specialists visit the farm to prepare equipment and ensure data is logging before each field operation.

Advanced Digital Tools

Farmers Edge uses a suite of intelligent tools, including:

High-frequency, high-resolution imagery to create precise Zone Maps

Machine learning algorithms layered with soil test results to create recommendations (4R Nutrient Stewardship-friendly recommendations are also available)

VST and machine learning to model soil nutrient levels for more accurate insights on current fertility levels

Powerful analytics and reports – create Check Strips and Profit Maps to evaluate performance

SmartPro – enhanced precision tools to enable custom zone and prescription development

The Right Source. At the Right Rate.
At the Right Time. In the Right Place.
By the Right People.

The Right Source.

At the Right Rate.

At the Right Time.

In the Right Place.

By the Right People.

Mother Nature didn’t build your fields in perfect squares. Working closely with you or your trusted advisors, Farmers Edge develops an advanced agronomic plan matching productivity zones to yield targets and product requirements. Our turnkey program includes everything needed to optimize inputs and improve ROI.

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