Get Soil Sampling and Unlimited VR Prescriptions For Only $2/Acre

Optimize inputs and produce high-yielding
low-carbon grain

Customizable and tailored to each farm’s unique goals, this premium precision fertility program brings together sustainability, productivity and profitability to help you achieve the highest ROI possible for your operation.

Soil Sampling

Access timely and comprehensive soil testing and analysis at our dedicated labs. A minimum of 6 cores are taken per production zone and all sample locations are GPS referenced.

Zone Tests 0-6”: NO3-N, P, K, SO4-S, pH, EC, OM, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cl, Base, CEC
Zone Tests 6-24”: NO3-N, SO4-S, Cl, pH, EC

Unlimited Variable Rate Prescriptions

Get unlimited VR prescriptions for seeding, fertilizing, herbicide, plant growth regulators, fungicide and desiccation. Plus, access on-demand Zone Maps for in-season VR crop protection applications. Our Precision Technology Specialists visit the farm to prepare equipment and ensure data is logging before each field operation.

On average, Farmers Edge growers experience a 32% increase in crop yield1

1Farmers Edge growers produced an average of 15.3 bushels per acre more than the average yields of wheat farms across Saskatchewan, Canada in 2019 (according to Statistics Canada).

Why soil test?


Measure the available nutrients for fertilizer applications


Assess if management practices have affected physical and chemical properties of the soil


Diagnose nutrient deficiencies and assess soil problems


Prevent leaching, runoff volatilization and over-applying


Understand how to maintain more consistent nutrient levels

Benefits for your farm

Better profitability

Optimized input use

Higher yields

Reduced input costs

Less lodging

Improved environmental impact

More even maturity

Increased efficiency

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